We are leading advocates for LGBTQ equality.

Wharton O'Brien is a leading advocacy firm for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals and families in Utah. We have been recognized for our work in the LGBTQ community in publications like Q Salt Lake and The Salt Lake Tribune, as well as by community organizations such as the Utah Pride Center and PFLAG. In 2015, City Weekly named Chris the "Best Advocate for LGBT Families" in Utah. We have experience in the areas of law that often impact same-sex couples, transgender individuals, gay and transgender parents, and LGBTQ children, including:

  • Adoptions, Guardianships, and Surrogacy
  • Discrimination and Hate Crimes
  • Alienation of LGBTQ Family Members
  • Name and Gender Changes
  • Same-Sex Divorces and Separation Agreements
  • Common Law Marriage Adjudications


Adjudicated the first common law marriage for a same-sex couple in Utah (and one of the first in the country)


Represented members of the "Capitol 13" after being arrested for an LGBTQ rights demonstration at the Utah Legislature


Obtained more name and gender change orders for transgender clients across the state than any other attorney in Utah